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How to Extract Seeds

  1. Get bag from fridge and take to Mike’s lab.
  2. Get glass blender and coffee filters from Terry’s office
  3. Gather 3 beakers from Mike’s lab, plastic pale and spatula. As well as water/distilled water. (suction flask, hose, ceramic funnel)

Newer Method:

1. Put half a bag of berries in clean blender. Add about a quarter of a cup of distilled water.

2. Pulse blend to chop up berries and extract seed.

3. Remove vessel from base.

4. Get 3 beakers and a flask of tap water

5. Pour a small amount of blended fruit into a beaker

6. Add water to the beaker and let seeds sink to bottom

7. Pour off water/pulp into another beaker leaving seeds behind

8. Add more water to seeds/pulp

9. Swirl a little to get pulp in liquid (off bottom) and pour off liquid into a beaker leaving seed behind

10. Repeat decanting with water until the seed is clean of pulp/skin trash

11. Pour seed onto coffee filter and spread out with a spatula to dry.

12. Repeat with the remaining seed/berry/pulp in blender until all seed is clean and drying on a filter.

13. Let seed dry over night. Next day remove any stems/skins and put seed in an envelope and label with the cross and year.

14. Remove seed from filter with spatula and count and put in coin envelop.

The Old Way:

1. Pour half a bag of berries in blender and add a small amount of water. Pulse blend.

2. Decant pulp/skin from seed. Not sure if can do it from blender or if need to do it in small batches from beakers (easier to see and not as heavy if done in beakers)

3. Hook up flask to vacuum and put funnel with coffee filter on top.

4. Add seed to coffee filter and suction off any water.

5. Let seed air dry over night.