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Vaccap Develops High Throughput Genotyping Platforms for Blueberry and CranberryN Bassil, S Clare, M Driskill, P Zheng, D Chagne, S Montanari, …2023 ASHS Annual Conference2023
Genome-wide association identifies key loci controlling blackberry postharvest qualityTM Chizk, JR Clark, C Johns, L Nelson, H Ashrafi, R Aryal, …Frontiers in Plant Science 14, 11827902023
Autopolyploid inheritance and a heterozygous reciprocal translocation shape chromosome genetic behavior in tetraploid blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum)MF Mengist, H Bostan, D De Paola, SJ Teresi, AE Platts, G Cremona, X Qi, …New Phytologist 237 (3), 1024-103952023
A chromosome-length genome assembly and annotation of blackberry (Rubus argutus, cv. “Hillquist”)T Brůna, R Aryal, O Dudchenko, DJ Sargent, D Mead, M Buti, A Cavallini, …G3 13 (2), jkac28932023
Identification of late blight resistance quantitative trait loci in Solanum pimpinellifolium accession PI 270441MT Sullenberger, M Jia, S Gao, H Ashrafi, MR FooladThe Plant Genome 15 (4), e2025112022
Understanding the systematics and evolution of Vaccinium sect. Cyanococcus (Ericaceae): progress and prospectsPW Fritsch, AA Crowl, H Ashrafi, PS ManosEcoEvoRxiv2022
A first complete phylogenomic hypothesis for diploid blueberries (Vaccinium section Cyanococcus)AA Crowl, PW Fritsch, GP Tiley, NP Lynch, TG Ranney, H Ashrafi, …American Journal of Botany 109 (10), 1596-160632022
A multiplexed plant-animal SNP array for selective breeding and species conservation applicationsS Montanari, C Deng, E Koot, NV Bassil, JD Zurn, P Morrison-Whittle, …bioRxiv, 2022.09. 07.5070512022
A Public-Private Partnership to Uncover Genetic Treasures in RubusK Sheehan-Lust, G Fernandez, C OschenfeldHORTSCIENCE 57 (9), S228-S2282022
Genetic Control of Primocane Height in BlackberryC Johns, M Worthington, M Chizk, L Nelson, JR Clark, R Aryal, H AshrafiHORTSCIENCE 57 (9), S270-S2702022
Comparative Genome Analysis in Blueberry Revealed Autopolyploid Recombination Behavior and a Heterozygous Reciprocal TranslocationM Iorizzo, MF Molla, H Bostan, D De Paola, S Teresi, A Teresi, …HORTSCIENCE 57 (9), S148-S1482022
Association Mapping of Fruit Firmness and Morphology in BlackberryM Chizk, M Worthington, C Johns, C Godwin, L Nelson, JR Clark, R Aryal, …HORTSCIENCE 57 (9), S230-S2312022
Nuclear DNA contents and ploidy levels of North American Vaccinium species and interspecific hybridsLE Redpath, R Aryal, N Lynch, JA Spencer, AM Hulse-Kemp, …Scientia Horticulturae 297, 11095562022
RNA-Seq and Gene Regulatory Network Analyses Uncover Candidate Genes in the Early Defense to Two Hemibiotrophic Colletorichum spp. in StrawberryTB Adhikari, R Aryal, LE Redpath, L Van den Broeck, H Ashrafi, …Frontiers in genetics 12, 80577122022
There and back again; historical perspective and future directions for Vaccinium breeding and research studiesPP Edger, M Iorizzo, NV Bassil, J Benevenuto, LFV Ferrão, L Giongo, …Horticulture Research 9, uhac083182022
High-density linkage map construction and identification of loci regulating fruit quality traits in blueberryMF Mengist, H Bostan, E Young, KL Kay, N Gillitt, J Ballington, CD Kay, …Horticulture Research 892021
An optimized protocol for stepwise optimization of real-time RT-PCR analysisF Zhao, NA Maren, PZ Kosentka, YY Liao, H Lu, JR Duduit, D Huang, …Horticulture Research 8362021
Genotype, Environment, Year, and Harvest Effects on Fruit Quality Traits of Five Blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum L.) CultivarsLE Redpath, M Gumpertz, JR Ballington, N Bassil, H AshrafiAgronomy 11 (9), 178882021
Detection of Fruit Meals Within Laboratory-Raised and Field-Trapped Adult Drosophila suzukii (Diptera: Drosophilidae) GutsLJ Kraft, TL Sit, LM Diepenbrock, H Ashrafi, R Aryal, GE Fernandez, …Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 9, 7196452021
Genetic Control of Sweetness and Acidity in BlackberryC Godwin, M Worthington, R Aryal, H Ashrafi, R Threlfall, JR Clark2021 ASHS Annual Conference12021

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