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Softwood Cuttings

Things you will need: ice water in cooler, ice and coolers, plastic stakes in all colors, red tape, pencil, (maybe tough tags), plastic bags, pruners, list of cuttings

Note: It is best to cut after flush of growth-Mid July to Mid August, however it is an approximation and each plant will be slightly different.

1. Once at field, fill plastic bag with a “shot” of cold water

2. Go to first bush and cut cuttings (we did 30 (28 is 2 rows in the prop bed) or take what you can get)
3. Cut wood that is new summer growth but stiff not flimsy. Cut to about 6” long and strip the bottom 2/3 of the cutting of its leaves

4. If cutting with another person count out loud to get to desired number
5. Place cuttings all together with tag and wrap with tape

6. Place cuttings in plastic bag and move to next bush.
7. Can put a couple of cultivar cuttings in same bag just keep it in the shade and put on ice as quick as possible
8. When back at van with cuttings put more ice water in the bag and turn it upside down to coat the cuttings with cool water.

9. Put bag on ice in cooler and continue to cut more if need be
10. Best to cut in the morning and stick in the evening
11. When back at station stick cuttings to about where the leaves start

Keep on ice until you stick that cultivar. Mist as you go.
13. It’s important to map right away because squirrels can get in there and uproot cuttings

Mist: 9am-7pm, 2 seconds every 2.5 minutes


If cuttings root 50% or less may not make a good cultivar and should be evaluated for a potential dump

Also, cultivar/seedlings that don’t produce a lot of cuttings could be a warning flag about future cutting potential and flower/fruit/production potential as summer growth equals buds/flowers for next season.

It could be possible to get ~200 cuttings from 6 plants for a 3 plant plot rep.