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TC Prep Steps

  1. Send leaf samples to Raleigh for virus testing. Screen for 9 viruses and 1 phytoplasma and 1 bacteria.
  2. Sterilize paper plates or paper towels (fast exhaust, 15 minutes) in autoclave bag with tape- or use sterile Petri dishes
  3. Sterilize small flasks for sterilizing plant material
  4. Sterilize flask of water (slow exhaust, 20 minutes) with foil cover (use for rinsing plant material after surface sterilized in 15% bleach
  5. Check distilled water level (do I need to make more)
  6. Check HCL and NaOH level (do I need to make more)
  7. Make media (1L makes about 13 magenta boxes (70mL’s each)
  8. Pour media into magenta boxes
  9. Autoclave (slow exhaust, 20 minutes)
  10. Place trays of magenatas in the laminar flow hood to cool overnight