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Adventitious Shoot Regeneration

WPM Salt Mixture2.3 g
1000x MS Vitamins 1 mL
Sucrose20 g
Zeatin (1 mg/mL)4 mL
2iP3 mg
Agar6 g
diH2OFill to 1 L
Table 1. Basal blueberry regeneration media recipe , pH 5.0.
  1. Prepare plates with regeneration medium (Table 1)
  2. Dissect leaf blades from stock plants
  3. Position the proximal portion of the leaf blade with the abaxial side facing down on base basal regeneration medium
  4. Incubate plates under dark conditions at a temperature of 25 ± 1°C for two weeks, then transfer to an incubation environment under cool white fluorescent lights, also maintained at 25 ± 1°C
  5. Plates should be sub-cultured every four weeks