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How to Pollinate New Seedling Selections

  1. Select seedlings in summer (May-June)
  2. Cut softwood cuttings in mid July
  3. Stick cuttings in propagation bark in 4” pots (other trays?) in greenhouse
  4. Mist cuttings until rooted
  5. Once rooted cut mist; fertilize and water as needed
  6. Rooted cuttings flower on their own in late fall winter.
  7. Collect pollen or pollinate with pollen from last year saved in the freezer.
  8. Harvest fruit in February-April.
  9. The more cuttings you have root and flower the more seed you can get. 
  10. Survival rate of cuttings in GH prop is harder. 
  11. 1 cutting give about 2 flower buds or about 12 flowers to pollinate on average.
  12. Probably best to use these as pollen sources.