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Staging Seedlings for Planting in Field

1. Fill wheelbarrow with old bark from bin behind block next to prop house

2. Gather seedling trays from lath house on wagons; keep crosses separate

3. Take bark and seedlings to head house

4. Gather sharpies, wood stakes-12”, and lugs

5. Put bark in bottom of empty lug-enough to cover the bottom

6. Write cross on wood stake and put in bottom left corner of leg when holding the lug

7. Remove liners from tray (trays hold 14 liners that each hold 5 seedlings)

8. Pop open liners and remove seedlings. Pull apart seedling plugs as some seedlings may root into other plugs/liners

9. Throw away empty plugs or dead seedlings

10. Grade crosses. Ex: if cross is vigorous throw away weak plants if the cross is weaker you may keep all seedlings despite their size

11. Put seedlings in lugs standing up.

12. One cross per lug even if it only fills half the lug

13. In general 3 trays fill one lug if you have a large cross with lots of seedlings

14. When all the seedlings are in a lug cover the plugs/roots with bark. Go down all sides and over the top

15. Take lugs back to the lath house

16. If no rain is forecasted water the lugs in

They are ready to be transported to the field for planting.