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How to Clean Sorting Line Equipment

1. Always use a hand towel and water. Take care with the rag while equipment is running that it doesn’t get caught.

2. Clean metal incline belt for the blower. While it is running rub the cloth back and forth over the belt. Also clean down the sides of the belt and the pour in shoot.

3. Cleaning the soft sorter. While the belt is running put the rag over it in sections to catch any smashed berries.  While the belt is still running cup your hand/rag around the blue reject belt to clean this. When you are done cleaning the belt you can turn the machine off. 

4. Also from the top scrap down the blue key pads with a credit card. Using this same card scrape between the keys and then through the door scrape under the keys. Wipe down anything that looks dirty in here.

5. Wipe down the feather foam strips (top and the grungy bottom). Clean the surface under/behind the foam strips.

6. For the color sorter clean the belt like you did the soft sorter. Also, clean the white reject belt (this tends to grab a rag more than the blue belt on the soft sorter). Once done turn the machine off. Clean all surfaces that look like they have berries on them. With a damp towel wipe down the round cameras. To do the underside one you need to get on the floor and reach up and over and under the bottom camera. Then use the white micro fiber cloths to remove the water splotches on the cameras (this is the only thing the micro fiber cloth is used for!).

7. Then clean the white incline belt.

8. Let everything dry.

9. Make sure the floor is swept and berries are dumped and the trash taken out.