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How to Take Fruit Harvest Data

1. Collect samples in pulp cups in the field. Put an index card in the cup with the selection/seedling name on it. 1 cup of berries is roughly half a pulp cup and the least you will need this amount a full cup is best to take data and have extra for a storage test.

2. Take harvested fruit to block building and leave overnight in air conditioning.

3. Next day take data in this order: light meter reading, weight of 1 cup, count of berries in 1 cup, number of cracks and stems, firmness reading, and put extra berries in baggie for soluble solids in the fall. If extra keep some for a 70 F storage test.

4. Get light meter from Mike’s lab. Calibrate is need to. Plug in and turn on. Gently shake pulp cup to even out layer of berries. Pick area avoiding and pull trigger. Write down the L* number. Do 2 reps.

5. Next get out scale from cabinet in block building. Tare a pulp cup. Measure 1 cup of berries and pour in pulp cup on scale. Write down weight in grams.

6. Count the berries in measured 1 cup. Write down total count in 1 cup, the total number of berries with stems and the total number of berries with cracks.

7. Save out 10 berries for the firm test. If using the old AG Engineering machine make sure all 10 berries are the same size. Measure the berries in diameter. Clear the firm gage. Place on the berry on its cheek and crack table up to hold it. Based on berry size set the clock. Insert the motor gear and start the clock. Write down the firm reading when clock stops. Repeat 10 times.

8. If using the Firmtech hold out 10 berries any size. On computer double click 500 series on desktop. Put a berry on the plate and click the caliper button to calibrate. Put 10 berries on plate and push start. When finish push stop. Then write down the firmness average, STD and min and max.

9. Place left over berries in a sandwich baggie. On a jewelry tag write the name of the cultivar down and the date. Attach to a twist tie and seal the baggie. Put samples in the deep freezer in the head house across from germination chambers until the fall.

10. For post harvest shelf life. Put your sample in the small clam shells. Enough to fill and close without squishing berries. Weigh berries in clam shell and write down. Put in NEW cardboard box with other samples. Place box in trash bag and seal (to keep the fruit from drying out in the cooler). Place the bag in the walk in cooler in the head house for 1 week set at 70 F. If can do 2 reps.