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Southern Highbush

Southern Highbush blueberries, born from wild New World blueberries that greeted European settlers, are hybrids specially adapted for regions with low chill hours, like California. These blueberries offer gardeners in California, the Sunbelt, and the Southeast the chance to enjoy blueberries just like their northern counterparts.

Southern Highbush blueberries are unique. They're expertly crafted for superior fruit quality, soil adaptability, heat resistance, and minimal winter chilling requirements. Unlike their Northern Highbush cousins, they bring distinctive foliage, blooms, and plant traits to the garden.

Some Southern Highbush varieties can self-pollinate, but planting two varieties together yields larger berries. Their low chilling requirements, measuring hours below 45°F during dormancy, set them apart.

These blueberries, with dark blue-green foliage and attractive pink or white blooms, are more than just fruitful. They're a delightful addition to edible landscapes.

Notably, the Southern Highbush blueberry varieties detailed here were meticulously nurtured and celebrated, standing as a testament to the commitment of North Carolina State University to the pursuit of agricultural excellence and the cultivation of botanical wonders.