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How to Patent a Variety

Make Crossyr 1
Germinate Seedyr 2
Est Seedlings in Fieldyr 2
Eval and Select Seedlingsyr 4-6
Prop seedling selectionsyr 6-7
Est in prop seedlings in fieldyr 7
Evalyr 9-10
Reprop for larger field trialsyr 10
Est in field as rep trialyr 11
Evalyr 13-15
Releaseyr 16
Timeline from cross to release
  1. Go into MyPackPortal to Manage my projects, Intellectual Property, Invention disclosure Process (OTT), Innovator’s portal
  2. Fill out Disclosure (see copy) and write summary of performance, send both to OTT and possibly some bush/fruit pictures
  3. This is then sent electronically to the Breeder’s release board in CALS (revolving committee-usually Hort person, crop science person and maybe plant path). Roger Crickenburger is in charge of this (semi retired)
  4. Release board makes a recommendation to Steve Lommel to release or not (Jim hasn’t been in the meeting to make a case for release…but in the future do I need to participate?)
  5. Once OK’d by the board a public announcement can be made (such as at the open house). From public announcement there is 12 months to get patent done.
  6. Write up the release notice (notice of the release) which is signed by Steve Lommel (see example)
  7. Write UP Plant Patent Application (see and follow outline by Jim/Denny Werner) and send it to OTT.
  8. If you decide to patent outside the US…it needs to be done right after you patent in the US.
  9. Jim says OTT covers cost of patent and that they just take royalties until the patent cost is covered and go in the “hole” if not enough plants are sold. I was told that to release a variety I had to guarantee sale of 10,000 plants.