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Transplanting Seedlings

1. Transplant when seedlings have 3-4 leaves about ½-1” tall.

2. Sanitize trays- 10% bleach solution for 10minutes then soak in clean water. Let dry

3. 14 liners per tray=70 seedlings per tray

4. Fill with: a) ¼ graded bark, b) bark allowed to sit and leach and decompose so it has small pieces, c) best if moist (have used in the past 50/50 peat and sand, and 1:1:1 peat, sand, bark)

5. Pack bark in tray/liners using fingers 2-3 times as fill

6. Water bark in good (multiple times)

7. Use a plastic stake to make a small hole for the seedling to fit into

8. Lift up a 1”x1” section of seedlings in 6” pot. Gently pull up and separate with fingers

9. Use the plastic stake to guide, push the roots into the premade hole

10. Cover roots with bark

11. Mist seedlings after transplant (12-5pm 4 seconds every 5 minutes) (this is what we used in May/June of 2013—may need to be tweaked for fall transplanting)

12. After 1 week fertilize. Then once a week after that.

13. Cut mist after 2 weeks.