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Out of Season Blueberry Blooming

Note: Naturally occurs in late March/April in the field

Blooming in January (thru March/April) for pollinating

  1. Place potted plants in cooler (40 F) mid November
  2. Take males plants out of cooler beginning of January (Jan. 5) (=~1296 chilling hours)
  3. Late January/February bring females out of cooler (make sure you have pollen!)
  4. Pollinate
  5. ~60 days after pollination collect fruit

Blooming in the fall for pollinating

  1. First of September put breeding plants in cooler (trying to get plants in early to meet fruit for January (Annual Meeting) but need flower buds set on plants)
  2. 22 days later take males out of cooler (~530 chilling hours) (May not work for varieties that need higher chilling requirements…however it may still be possible to get enough flowers at low chill hours for pollinating)
  3. October 10 (39 days) take out female plants
  4. Pollinate
  5. Show blue fruit early January for meeting/harvest

Blooming propagated cuttings

  1. Propagate softwood cuttings in GH
  2. Stick cuttings in mid-July in pots or trays of bark in GH under mist (mist a couple seconds every 5 minutes from 7/8am to 5/6pm. Cut back mist and times as the days get cooler/shorter
  3. Some plants will bloom in November
  4. Can’t pollinate on these plants but I think you can collect pollen for pollinating in the late winter/spring
  5. Good way to get pollen off newly selected seedlings to pollinate with and move genetics quicker