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Germinating Blueberry Seeds (Incubator)

1. Prepare clean petri dishes with one autoclaved filter paper (cut to shape or round) per dish

2. Spread out 25-50 seeds on filter paper

3. Apply just enough of a uniform amount of sterile diH2O that will moisten filter paper

4. Close and seal Petri dish with Micropore tape

5. Place under dark incubation conditions at 25 土 1°C for 2-3 weeks and then move to light conditions at 25 土 1°C under a 16-h photoperiod from cool white fluorescent lights

6. Check seeds at 10 – 15 day intervals (generally takes 30 days to germinate)

Note: Some varieties may take significantly longer than 30 days to germinate

Note: If you notice water has evaporated, open Petri dish in the sterile hood and add more water. Seal plate and return to incubator.