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Hardwood Cuttings

1. Stick cuttings last week in March (first of April)

2. In prop house rake any leaves up and level the sand out.

3. Check that water comes through the lines. Turn water on after it was shut off for the winter.

4. Hook up the misters. Each “H” mister covers 4 propagation beds.

5. Get propagation beds from behind block house. Check that they are functioning

6. Place in prop house.

7. Get wheelbarrow and fill with bark from pile next to prop house. 2 plus wheelbarrows fill each bed.

8. Level bark in bed and even off to top of wood of each bed with a PVC pipe

9. PVC pipes are located in brown cabinet next to the sink in the head house. They are marked every 1.5”

10. Put PVC pipe at left end next to wood frame. Always plant left to right and front to back. Always start from outside of bed. 

11. Place a cutting at each mark on the PVC pipe about 2/3 of the way down in the bark

12. Move PVC pipe to other side of cuttings, snug against them. Now plant between each line

13. Continue until you have finished a cultivar.

14. If more than one cultivar in a bed leave space between them.

15. Benny uses wider spacing between cuttings than Terry who follows Mike Mainland’s suggestions for propagation space.