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Pollinating Blueberry Flowers

1. Best to pollinate when the stigmas appear glossy/sticky. Usually 2 days after emasculation.

2. Remove any open stage 5 flowers that were not emasculated to keep those from contaminating seed lot.

3. Obtain pollen vial from fridge.

4. Clean glass rod with 70% ETOH on a paper towel.

5. Put end of glass rod in open mouth and breath on it to get it moist.

6. Dip moistened end of rod in pollen vial.

7. Gently dab pollen on all emasculated flower pistils.

8. Keep count of how many you do.

9. When done put pollen back in fridge and clean glass rod with ETOH.

10. Want to get 2-3 pollinations on each stigma in about a 4 day window. Need to pollinate everyday/every other day to get pollinations done.