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Greenhouse Winter Temperatures for Pollinating and Growing

4" Pots

Try to keep greenhouse 65 at night and 80-85 during day (depending on if it is cloudy or sunny). About a 15 degree difference night and day.

Vents: Set to 70 in the winter. If it’s a cloudy day then to warm the greenhouse up you can set the vent to 90 and turn the heat up to 75.

Heat: Set to 65 (depending on thermostat 1 is set to 55 and the other to 64 to get temps that read 65). 

Fans: Set to 90 (72 in summer). 

Sock: Turn on/off in head house-grey box. Sunny days it is off. Runs on cloudy days to distribute heat. Doesn’t worry that it doesn’t run at night.