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Fertilizing Cuttings Potted in GH

1. HW and SW cuttings are potted in the GH in late January/early February and watered until new shoots start to leaf out

2. Once a good set of leaves are out the plants are fertilized

3. Use 15-30-15 (Peters) or 21-7-7 (acid special by Peters)

4. Fertilizer is in plastic bucket under table next to soil bins in head house

5. Measure granular fertilizer out. 1 cup fertilizer per 5 gallons of water

6. In white 10 gallon bucket with cover mix fertilizer and water

7. Put bucket under bench tilted just slightly

8. Get Hozon from brown locked cabinet next to sink

9. Attach Hozon to spigot in GH and then hose attached to Hozon.

10. Black line with metal tip goes into fertilizer bucket

11. Use a 2” clay pot to hold down black line of Hozon. Insert black tip into pot hole at bottom

12. Hozon is 1:16 dilution. For every 1 gallon of fertilizer there is 16 gallons of water to dilute it. Don’t know ppm of fertilizer. It is a weak solution. Blueberries don’t need a lot of fertilizer. Fertilize every 2-3 weeks. Watch foliage.

13. Turn hose on full blast. Low flow comes out when use Hozon.

14. Water pots (fill 1” space up) and let soak through.

15. It took about 4 gallons of fertilizer to do 1.25 benches. About 2-2.5 10gallon buckets to do whole house

16. Once done put black line of hose on in bucket of clear water and run til water is clear to clean it out.

17. Put Hozon back in cabinet and cover fertilizer if any left over.